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The return of antiquities from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

In February 1996 an agreement was reached to return a number of antiquities from The Metropolitan Museum of Art to Italy. One of the pieces was the Euphronios krater which has been loaned back to the MMA.

Press Releases

2006, February 21: Agreement between the MMA and Italy

Returning Objects

1999.527. Laconian kylix. Attributed to the Hunt painter. Gift from the family of Howard J. Barnet

1972.11.10. Euphronios krater. [Now loan: L.2006.10]

1996.250. Red-figured psykter decorated with horsemen.

1985.11.5. Attic red-figured amphora. Attributed to the Berlin painter.

1984.11.7. Apulian red-figured Dinos. Attributed to the Darius painter. Purchase, The Bothmer Purchase Fund, Rogers Fund, and Norbert Schimmel and Helen H. Mertens Gifts, 1984; Anonymous Gift, 1989.

1981.11.15-22; 1982.11.7-13; 1984.11.3. Hellenistic silver collection, 3rd century B.C.

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