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Masterpieces from the J. Paul Getty Museum: Antiquities

A number of antiquities which featured in Masterpieces of the J. Paul Getty Museum: Antiquities (1997) have now been returned, or are in the process of being returned, to Italy and Greece. (Page number to catalogue indicated below.) At least three other 'masterpieces' are under consideration.

For a review of Masterpieces (Gill).

Archaic and Classical Periods

93.AA.24. Marble kore. Parian. (p. 34)

87.AE.22. Attic black-figured Type A Zone Cup. (p. 35)

83.AE.362. Attic red-figureType C cup. Attributed to Onesimos. (pp. 38-39).

84.AE.569. Attic red-figured cup. Douris. (p. 41)

85.AE.263. Attic red-figured kantharos. Attributed to the Foundry painter. (p. 42)

92.AE.6 and 96.AE.335. Attic red-figured calyx-krater. Syriskos. (p. 46)

93.AA.47. Grave stela of Athanias. (pp. 50-51)

Hellenistic Period

93.AM.30. Gold funerary wreath. (pp. 62-63)

Etruria and South Italy in the Preroman Period

96.AD.33. Antefix in the form of a maenad and Silenos. Etruscan. (p. 78)

92.AC.5. Askos in the shape of a siren. (p. 80)

85.AE.102. Apulian red-figured volute-krater. (p. 82)

88.AA.76. Marble and limestone statue of a goddess (Aphrodite?). (p. 83)

81.AE.78. Paestan red-figured calyx-krater. Asteas. (p. 87)

85.AA.106. Marble group representing two griffins attacking a fallen doe. (pp. 90-91)

85.AA.107. Marble lekanis painted with the Arms of Achilles. (p. 92)

Republican and Imperial Roman Periods

85.AA.108. Marble statue of Apollo (p. 117)

Other objects in dispute

85.AE.89. Corinthian olpe. Attributed to the painter of Vatican 73. (p. 28)

77.AB.30. Bronze statue of a victorious youth. (p. 57)

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