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The Barbara and Lawrence Fleischman Collectio

The following items, formerly in the Fleischman collection, were given or sold to the J. Paul Getty Museum. All are due to be returned to the Italian Government.

1. Attic Black-Figured Amphora (Painter of Berlin 1686). 96.AE.92. Reassembled by Fritz Bürki (1988); Atlantis Antiquities (1988). Fleischman, Passion, no. 34.

2. Attic Black-Figured Amphora. 96.AE.93. Purchased from Fritz Bürki (1989). Said to have been found with two other pots (in the possession of Robert Hecht and Robin Symes). Fleischman, Passion, no. 35.

3. Attic Red-Figured Cup. 96.AE.97. Purchased from Symes (1988). Fleischman, Passion, no. 39.

4. Attic red-figured calyx-krater. 92.AE.6 and 96.AE.335. Syriskos (signature). Purchased from Robin Symes (1988); New York, private collection (Beazley archive); purchased from New York, Fleischman collection (92.AE.6); purchased from Acanthus Gallery, New York (96.AE.335). Bibliography: Masterpieces, 46.

5. Apulian Red-Figured Bell Krater. 96.AE.29. Acquired from Fritz Bürki. Fleischman, Passion, no. 56.

6. Paestan squat lekythos. 96.AE.119. Gift of Barbara and Lawrence Fleischman. Attributed to Asteas. Fleischman, Passion, no. 65.

7. Bronze Mirror with Relief-Decorated Cover. 96.AC.132. Apparently found at Tarquinia. Fleischman, Passion, no. 83.

8. Pontic amphora. 96.AE.139. Attributed to the Tityos painter. Sold by Fritz Bürki (1988) to the Fleischmans. Fleischman, Passion, no. 90.

9. Antefix in the form of a maenad and Silenos dancing. 96.AD.33. “Said to come Cerveteri.” Formerly Hunt collection; purchased from Lawrence Fleischman, New York. Masterpieces, 78; Fleischman, Passion, no. 92.

10. Statuette of Tyche. 96.AA.49. Purchased from Robin Symes; purchased from the Fleischmans for US$2 million. Fleischman, Passion, no. 120.

11. Fragment of a fresco: lunette with mask of Hercules. 96.AG.171. Purchased from Fritz Bürki. Associated with a fragment in the Shelby White collection. Fleischman, Passion, no. 126.

12. Statuette of Dionysos with an animal. 96.AA.211. Marble. Fleischman, Passion, no. 179.

13. Askos in shape of siren. 92.AC.5. Bronze. Purchased from Lawrence Fleischman, New York. Masterpieces, 80.

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