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Contemporary collecting

The material and intellectual consequences of contemporary collecting

These pages contain information supplementary to the printed text of Christopher Chippindale & David W.J. Gill, 'Material consequences of contemporary Classical collecting', American Journal of Archaeology 104.3 (2000).

The printed text reports on the archaeology and the history of some recent Classical collections and exhibitions. One of its foundations is a tabulation of the 1396 entries in seven published catalogues, collating and classifying what the catalogues report about the archaeology and the history of the items. The overall pattern is reported in the printed text as a series of tables.

This supplementary material provides a more detailed report in the form of that base tabulation and of further tables.

For all definitions of categories and descriptions of procedures see the printed text.


Chippindale, C., and D. W. J. Gill. "Material consequences of contemporary classical collecting." American Journal of Archaeology 104 (2000): 463-511.

Implications of Research

For the Shelby White and Leon Levy collection:

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For the Fleischman collection:

For material from Italy:

Watson, P., and C. Todeschini. 2006. The Medici conspiracy: the illicit journey of looted antiquities from Italy's tomb raiders to the world's great museums. New York: Public Affairs. [Review article by Gill and Chippindale]


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