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In September 2006 the Boston Museum of Fine Arts returned 13 antiquities to Italy. This material is discussed in detail in:

Gill, D. W. J., and C. Chippindale. 2006. "From Boston to Rome: reflections on returning antiquities." International Journal of Cultural Property 13: 311-31. [Abstract]


The return of 13 classical antiquities from the Museum in Fine Arts in Boston to Italy provides a glimpse into a major museum’s acquisition patterns from 1971 to 1999. Evidence emerging during the trial of Marion True and Robert E. Hecht, Jr. in Rome is allowing the Italian authorities to identify antiquities which have been removed from their archaeological contexts by illicit digging. Key dealers and galleries are identified, and with them other objects which have followed the same route. The fabrication of ‘old’ collections to hide the recent surfacing of antiquities is also explored.

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