Sing a song of animals
Swinging in the trees:
Cats and bats and nasty gnats -
Cheeky chimpanzees.

Tigers in the jungle,
Hippos by the lake:
Camels kissing, something hissing -
Look! - a silver snake!
Tigers in the jungle
Growl and prowl around:
Spotted leopards scamper
Through the grassy ground.

Hedgehogs roam the garden,
Eating slimy slugs -
Puppies scratching: kittens catching
Buzzing bees and bugs.
Hedgehogs roam the garden
Leaving lots of fleas:
Butterflies will flutter
Through the gentle breeze.

Polar bears and penguins
Playing in the snow -
Reindeer leaping: rabbits keeping
Warm in holes below.
Polar bears and penguins
Skating on the ice:
Voles are hibernating -
Like the moles and mice.

Sing a song of animals -
Birds and beasts and bees -
Just don't forget to mention
Cheeky chimpanzees!

© Caroline Gill
'Writing Children's Literature'