'A1 to 09'

A conversation between two Aliens arriving on Earth

[Aliens = Alpha-One (A1) and Omega-Nine (O9)]

A1: A1 to you, how do you do - please tell me where we are, will you?

O9: O9 to you, A1, hello - I think this planet's due for snow.

A1: O9, I think you must be wrong: I find the heat is very strong.

O9: A1, I come from outer space: I don't know how I found this place!

A1: My Pluto home is wild and cold: O9, I came to look for gold.

O9: My home on Mars, A1, is hot: this is a most unpleasant spot!

A1: O9, I look but all I see are little people taking tea!

O9: I came, A1, to breathe some air: back home there isn't any there.

A1: No air! Oh dear - you poor O9: I wish the golden sun would shine.

O9: A1, look there: what do you see - it isn't people having tea...

A1: Oh no, O9! - O9, oh no! I think it's time for us to go.

O9: A1, beware! - move out the way! - it's Santa on his silver sleigh!

A1: O9 - look out for Rudolph's here, and Prancer and the other deer.

O9: A1, we've seen it all, you know; an earth-bound Christmas, cake and snow!

A1: You're right, O9. I wish that I was soaring through the star-lit sky.

O9: I wish the same as you, A1 - I want my home: I've had my fun.

Santa must have heard them say they'd had enough of Christmas Day.
Their wish came true, and very soon the two new friends sailed past the moon,
Until they reached Pluto and Mars - where people didn't drive in cars.
A1 was happy all the same - he'd met a friend, O9, by name.

© Caroline Gill 2000
UWS DACE - 'Writing Children's Literature', tutor: Peter Thabit Jones