The funeral monument of Antilochos

Sculptor: Aristion of Paros

Find-spot: parts found separately, 'not far from the "Theseion"' (1839) amd near the 'Stoa of the Giants' in the agora (1858). Jeffery identifies the original location as the Kerameikos cemetery.

Athens, Epigraphic Museum 10647-8

Mason B (Jeffery)

Date: 'c. 540-530?' (Jeffery).


The circular cutting suggests that a column could have been placed on the base, perhaps surmounted by a sphinx or a kouros.


Jeffery, L.H. 1962. The inscribed gravestones of archaic Attica. Annual of the British School at Athens 57: 120, pl. 34, a-c, no. 8.

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