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The Art and Archaeology of Attica

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I link to this site? Yes, the stable URL is www.davidgill.co.uk/attica

Can I use a picture from this site for a project? Yes, for non-commercial purposes. Please acknowledge the source and note ' David Gill'.

Can I use images from this site to illustrate a lecture? Yes, for non-commercial purposes.

Can I use images from this site for reproduction in a publication? The pictures on this site are not high density. High density images are available but there may be restrictions. Please contact me for further information.

I cannot find the image I need. Do you have other images of Attica? Yes. Please contact me for full details.

Do you have images of other sites? Yes. Some other areas are covered in the research section of the web-site. Please contact me if you are looking for a particular image.