Kore ('The Euthydikos kore')

Acropolis Museum 686 and 609

Parian (?) marble.

H. 0.58 (upper fragment), 0.415 (lower part), 0.21 (capital).

Find-spot: upper, 'Found in 1882, east of the Parthenon'; lower, 'in 1886 or 1887 near the Erechtheion'.

Date: 'early fifth century' (Richter), 'about 490' (Boardman).

Dress: chiton and Ionic himation.

Inscription on base: 'Euthydikos, the son of Thaliarchos, dedicated (it)'.


Richter, Korai, no. 180.

Boardman, Archaic Sculpture, fig. 160.

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