Kore 593

'The Pomegranate Kore'

Find-spot: found in 1887 on the east side of the Erechtheion.

Akropolis Museum, no. 593.

Penetelic marble.

H. 99.5 cm

Colour: traces remain on the peplos and the epiblema.


Wreath in the right hand; a pomegranate in the right.

Dress: a chiton (observable on the upper right arm); a peplos, tied with a belt (notice the tassels); an epiblema (with tassels at corner).

Early use of the claw chisel.

Hurwit suggests that this kore was intended to be displayed against a wall.


'c. 560-550' (Hurwit)

'about 480-470' (Richter)


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